The combination of altitude at 1250 meters above sea level, a semi-desert climate with 300 days of sun per year, warm days, cool nights, alluvial soil with excellent drainage, and the purest aquifer in the region flowing freely to irrigate the vineyards of Casa de Uco, all result in the most ideal conditions for winemaking in this fantastic area.


Casa de Uco is producing single vineyard and vineyard selection wines from our own estate. Our philosophy is to produce wines which express the authenticity of its terroir.




Casa de Uco opens the doors of its experimental winery to discover a new wine tourism concept, developed from programs and activities that invite you to know Viticulture from the deep. A tour from the Geology of Wine, its Agronomycal design and its multiple possibilities of elaboration, to enjoy the pure expression of unique micro terroirs, reflected in the limited editions of the Casa de Uco Portfolio, along with the Signature Wines of our Private Vineyard Owners.



This activity is a tour out of the conventional. The intention is to understand wine from a different perspective. From a path that starts in Geology, develops in the Agronomy and concludes in the Oenology. With our Vineyard Tasting one can clearly appreciate all of that development and its consequence.

We start in the Resort walking among vineyards until we get to the Test Pits, where we will appreciate the specific composition of the soil and its differences in a few meters. There we will have a pairing with selected cheeses and a wine born out of each of those two soil profiles. Afterwards we tour the winery and understand its complexity with an open, non-secrets tour. Once we get to our Tasting Room, we finish with a tasting.

The tour can finish with an asado among the vineyards or lunch in our restaurant.

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This activity has a strong technical content and it aims to share the objective creation process of a personalized wine. It takes place in our Barrel Room, where we start with what we call a Profile Tasting, experimenting 2 different styles of wines, to understand the preferences of the participants. Then, 4 components are explained and tasted to attempt different blending possibilities, thus getting to the desired composition. From there, we simulate a Vinification Plan, just like we do with our Private Vineyard Owners.

The activity concludes with the finished blend, bottled and identified so you can take home and share your creation with friends and family.

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Alberto Antonini - Winemaker He has devoted his entire life unraveling the secrets to making great wines. He brings his expert knowledge consulting the private vineyard owners at Casa de Uco. Very focused on producing authentic wines.

Sebastián Bisole - Agronomist Young agronomist with an admirable passion to cultivate vineyards in a sustainable and organic way. In charge with the whole operations along with his partner Fernando Coria.

Germán Frenk - Export Manager Born and raised in Mendoza, Argentina. He has more than ten years of experience working in wine export management. He specializes in wineries throughout Argentina and Chile.

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