The combination of altitude at 1250 meters above sea level, a semi-desert climate with 300 days of sun per year, warm days, cool nights, alluvial soil with excellent drainage, and the purest aquifer in the region flowing freely to irrigate the vineyards of Casa de Uco, all result in the most ideal conditions for winemaking in this fantastic area.


We are working in order to have a complete study of the soils and have a better understanding of the different styles of wine you can produce in the estate. The heterogeneous soils makes plot and micro-plot selection very important. Stony soils and sandy soils are fermented in different vats in order to be able to identify the diverse styles of wine, which the soils will deliver.


We believe in sustainability and work under sustainable procedures in order to maintain the natural ecosystem of the Uco Valley through time, caring about natural resources.

Organic production: We are certified organic in 20 hectares. We do not use any chemical pesticide, and we use our natural compost to fertilize naturallY.

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