At Casa de Uco we are committed to the environment and the development and maintenance of local communities.

Our mission is to provide one of the most authentic and enriching travel experiences in a way that is respectful to the enviroment, sustainable and culturally rich. We are committed to preserve and protect the natural splendor and the precious biodiversity of the Uco Valley, to respect and support nature, culture and hospitality. Casa de Uco has sealed an eternal commitment to the environment.

Our waste plan is based on the principle of the three Rs (3R), which prioritizes the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste. With effort and creativity we search for the best destination for each type of waste generated at the hotel.
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  • The used paper is given to the bookstore where it is recycled into new usable paper.
  • The glass is removed by the Neighborhood Union of the nearest town: La Quebrada, who sell that glass and donate the money obtained for the fight against cancer.
  • The corks of the wines are collected and then delivered to a kindergarten where the children use them in their crafts.
  • Food waste produced by the kitchen is composed.

The hotel has solar collectors to raise to heat the water so as to consume less gas in the process of heating it.

It also has records of energy consumption in all the hotel as well as in the most critical areas such as the kitchen.

Being a mountain climate, cold in winter, the heating system is challenged to maintain a stable temperature. Casa de Uco has a mixed system of radiators to maintain a stable temperature in the hotel and also a heating system per room, which can quickly reach a confortable temperature son after guests arrive.


The hotel is located in an arid environment, with annual rainfall of 250 mm. The water used comes from groundwater, so every liter extracted is carefully guarded.

The vineyards have a drip irrigation system. In this way an irrigation efficiency of 90% is achieved. A soil mapping allows the identification of areas with different drainages. Using this information we can map and identify risks of poor drainages

The Hotel and winery, have an internal wastewater treatment system. The waters, after being treated, irrigate an area of 200 poplars; which help offset carbon dioxide emissions.


Casa de Uco has an organic and seasonal menu.

The hotel has its own organic garden where more than 30 different crops are grown throughout the year.

In turn, local organic farms supply us with fine fruit (blackberry and raspberry) and juices (apple and quince).


Staff is trained in energy consumption and climate change to raise awareness. We understand that each worker can be responsible for significant energy savings.

We encourage our guests to tour the vineyards and move around the property by bike, on foot or on horseback.

In the laundry room, a system of reusable cloths bags is utilized so as to reduce the use of plastics from petrolrum sources.

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